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At this point, we are back to normal operating procedures, with the only exception that our staff will continue to wear mask in an abundance of caution, just to be on the safe side for the safety of our kids.


We are excited to let you know that we’re back to our regular schedule hours Monday - Thursday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM by appointments only to serve you! Same day appointments are also available, please contact our office at 662-579-3449.


With that in mind, due to the on-going COVID-19 situation, we will continue to do a few things differently to keep you and your children safe, and ensure that you continue to have a wonderful experience during your visit.


1. Facemasks are required for all in-person appointments, both Sick or Well visits.

2. We will continue to offer Telehealth (video conference consultations) visits when you are not able to come in to see Dr. Brevil, but when necessary, an in-office might be needed to if the issue cannot be addressed via Telehealth.

3. Everyone, except children under 2 years old, needs to wear a face mask.  Our staff will continue to wear face masks as well at all time. Our staff will also wear face shields when in close proximity and gowns for certain procedures when necessary out of an abundance of cautions for everyone's safety.

4. We continue to ask that only one caregiver with no flu like or cold symptoms, who has not been or potentially been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 10 days, comes in with a child for his/her visit.

5. When you get to our clinic, please wait in the car and let us know that you are here by calling  or texting 662-579-3449.  You will then be called in as soon as your exam room is ready.

6. Please complete all forms prior to your scheduled appointment. You will receive a text or email to complete the forms online.  This is to ensure that your office visit is expedient and efficient!

7. Lastly, due to limited spots available, please be on-time for your scheduled appointment and do everything in your power to not cancel or miss your appointment.  


Thank you for your patience as we settle into this new normal. Our goal of providing superior care is unwavering. We will continue to do that in a manner that always puts the safety of your children above all else! We are looking forward to seeing your kids soon!  Remember, “Your kids’ health is our specialty and our mission.”


Dr. Brevil, your kids’ pediatrician





CDC Guidelines

American Academy of Pediatrics

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